Modern Italian Kitchens from Sports car makers

Modern Italian Kitchens from Sports car makers

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We thought it was a bit of an oddity to have kitchens designed by sports car makers when we first brought you news on Giugiaro designing kitchens for Scavolini but we are genuinely surprised to see this as a hot trend these days. We say this because Italian car maker Pininfarina has designed kitchens for Snaidero, Porsche has rendered services for Poggenpohl, and even Lamborghini for Pedini.

Images of these wonderful kitchens follow…

Pininfarina for Snaidero

Ola has been an emblem of Made in Italy and a symbol of Italian design all over the world ever since. It is an inviting kitchen, with bold, exciting and innovative forms. It appeals to particularly demanding, keen on ergonomics consumers, looking for a specific product which matches functionalism with

The structure features a continuous grip-recess in polished aluminium, which facilitates door opening. The curved base units in the middle unit are produced as a single mould, which slides open and houses various functional accessories inside.

The curved doors on base and wall units are produced with special high-density “Baydur” moulds. This polyurethane material provides the soft shapes that characterize this kitchen.

The carcase of the flat -door base units is characterised by an innovative channel system, allowing the doors to operate without handles.

Porsche for Poggenpohl

The wall becomes an integral part of the concept. Frames in aluminium emphasise the linearity of the architecture and organise available space. Each of the illuminating frames defines a space within the space. Inside this space, in- dividual modules can be sited at any chosen position. There is no necessity to arrange elements in a row. The strategy incorporates open spaces accentuated with back panels in either satinised or polished glass. Contrasting in colour and material with the fronts, they form an additional plane in the room.

Lamborghini for Pedini

The Integra by Tonino Lamborghini is classy and elegant, actually is a makeover by the designer. It is based on the outline of Pedini’s signature Integra Hook Kitchen. Yes, the Integra kitchen has an added touch of leather paneling and doors. The functionality of the kitchen is enhanced with sleek curved worktops that will motivate even the laziest of men to make some mouth watering meal for their wives. The Integra is available in the basic black, cream and, of course, Lamborghini’s signature yellow. You would have to pay around $103,000 to get Integra installed in your very own home.

So, what do you think about these kitchens? Tell us in the comments.

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