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If you happen to be a book lover or a voracious reader, it is likely that you have built up quite a collection of books over the years. Home libraries help you organize your book collection, make it easier to find books and make reading fun and relaxing within the comforts of your home. Here are a few tips to design your home library.

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A color coded library! [via]

While building a home library the three basic elements required are: space, shelves and books. You can either custom build a new room or choose an existing spacious room to house your books.

Recessed or built-in bookshelves can provide floor-to-ceiling storage and space savings. You can also mount hanging bookshelves onto the wall or buy glass cases, which might be preferable if your collection includes antique books that you want to preserve. As your bookshelves creep up the wall, you may need a library ladder to reach them.

When considering library furniture, you may want desks if you are writing and taking notes on your reading. Bookstands are also helpful for reading those big volumes that are too heavy to hold up comfortably. You can include overstuffed couches or relaxing rocking chairs which will beckon guests to spend a few hours reading.

Designs from Vitsoe

When selecting lighting, look for a lamp that will help you see the smallest text you read. The lamp should be positioned over your shoulder, so that the light is not directly in your eyes. This way it will also help to minimize glare. Your lamp should be brighter than the rest of the room. However, all light will eventually damage books, so use it at a minimum.

Finally, a good system of organization will help you find the book you want quickly. You can also decorate bookshelves with personal items, such as photographs and souvenirs which can break up the rows of books visually, and it would also give you room to expand as your collection grows.

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So what do you need *besides* a library to satisfy your reading needs? Special Home Decor For Book Lovers? Reading Nook Inspiration? Comfortable Reading Chairs?Unique Bookends? Cool Shelves? We got you covered.

Watch the video: Cultivating a Personal Library (June 2022).


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