Awesome Holders!

Awesome Holders!

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Here are some really cool holders that will not only draw in a few ‘wows’ but will help you keep you home organized.

Toothpick overload? Check out the Porcupine toothpick holder from designer Rafael Morgan. You can buy it here.

More than the functionality aspect, designer Joung Myung Lee’s fruit holder is all about adding some coolness to the decor. The fruits can be loaded from the top. The side openings reveal the level of resources.

The human form cleverly incorporated into some of these accessories will always tend to get a few smiles.

These include CD holders…

(You can get the above 3 from here)

drink coasters…

stationary holders …

shaped in the form of a toilet(?)

cough.. [via]

razor holders…


key holders…

Though strictly speaking it doesn’t come under any sort of holder or hook, I thought I would just throw in this ‘human’ door stop too!

This super cool iPhone dock has nothing ‘human’ about it but what adds to its awesomeness is the fact that it is made of nothing but paper!

If you are a DIY buff u will enjoy the making of that stand:. It is from Julien Madérou’s blog.

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