Clingstone House: Home on a island

Clingstone House: Home on a island

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This house on an island looks straight out of a fairy tale. And 79 year old Boston Architect Henry Wood gets to call it his home. In 1961, Wood and his then wife, Joan bought the island home for a mere $3,600.

Situated on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay in US, the house was built by Architect J.S. Lovering Wharton along with Artist William Trost Richards. The island home stands three storeys high, with a large centre hall and 23 rooms. The spacious house has its interiors done in wood keeping with the design of the original home. The house has 10 huge bedrooms, and it would be hard to find one without a view. You can make the Newport Bridge from the ping pong room. If you are friends with the Woods, you could be invited for the Clingstone memorial day when you get to clean one of the 65 windows!

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This house was featured in the New York Times. Check out the article for more pictures.

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