New Google Offices in Stockholm

New Google Offices in Stockholm

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The hits keep coming from Big G. Google offices around the world seem to be competing with one another as to who is more cool. Their workplaces are the talk of the town and since each one is built with keeping the city, country and culture in mind, it becomes delightful for any design lover to see what they offer.

Previously Google’s offices from Zurich, Milan, Madrid and Munich found their way here and this time, it is the Google office in Stockholm that catches our fancy. A very relaxed and open place to work in, this Stockholm base is designed by architects from Camenzind, is another feather added to the cap. Bright colors and a lively atmosphere ensure that creativity oozes out of every nook and corner. Even beyond that, every room is designed individually, keeping its function in mind. The game room has a funky interior while the conference room has a formal yet welcoming feel to it.

For other rooms, steal a look below.

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