Futuristic Pod House Concept

Futuristic Pod House Concept

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Imaginations knows no boundaries. And this one can tell by looking at the MercuryHouseOne mobile lounge. Created by Architecture and Vision, this modern unit reflects a very pragmatic approach to an extremely unconventional design. It is a self sufficient mobile unit that can fit in both urban as well as rural environment.

At first instance the pod resembles an alien headgear. But the unit is highly futuristic and compact in dimension. The exterior covering is made using curved light marble pieces, white Carrara marble to be precise, thereby providing required toughness. The interior is flexible and can be configured as per ones taste thereby putting it to diverse usage. Light fitments, TV panel, and sound systems are in-built to fashion an out of the world experience inside.

The in between seams are of chrome, with acrylic windows and door. The outer cover is backlit, which gives a gripping view at night. The material used makes it light weight yet sturdy. Solar panels, in black, on the top, give a distinct look and also suffice for power requirements. So the unit is eco-friendly and functional in a non-powered area also.

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