Rooms Designed Around Televisions

Rooms Designed Around Televisions

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A lot of people predicted in the late 90s that televisions would be completely outdated and replaced by personal computers within a decade. Well, this is the year 2010 and we can still say it hasn’t happened yet. Sure, televisions of today are quite different from what we had back then. During those days, interactive television had not taken off yet and sets were incapable of Xbox entertainment or YouTube streaming (no YouTube back then. :) ). Even though the lines have really blurred between TVs and PCs today, we can still say TV maintains the image of being a “laid back entertainment device”. Unlike the PC experience, TV viewing is all about laying back and relaxing in a comfortable environment with the user taking no active role in the proceedings.

Wait, are we sounding too much like a tech blog? Better not keep you waiting any longer then. Explore this post to find inspiration for your next media center redesign, whether you’re looking to update your TV stand or want to find a stylish way to arrange your sound system – it’s all here.









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