Concept Architecture: Marine Research Center in Bali

Concept Architecture: Marine Research Center in Bali

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An International Design Competition was held recently for idealizing a marine research center in Bali, Indonesia. Design firm Solus4 proposed a concept to address the need for tsunami research and preparation in response to the devastation caused by the 2004 Indian ocean earthquake and tsunami. So they chose to architecturally and conceptually conceive a 2,500 square meter eco-friendly marine research center on the water where scientists could study, research and interpret the development and forces of tsunami waves. The idea was to create an instant connection with people as they relate to the structure’s purpose and it’s natural surroundings so they developed an organically shaped building that reflected the elevation of a wave.

The Center consists of underwater labs, scientist bedrooms and an aquatic garden, as well as a sea water pool, swimming pool terrace, bar and an auditorium where conferences and lectures will be held. There will be private and public areas throughout the center and hidden places for collection of rainwater, as it will be filtered for domestic use.

Folks what we have here is a brilliant design plan for the progression of an environmentally scientific initiative. Oh how the world turns….(no pun intended)


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