How you will read magazines and newspapers in the future

How you will read magazines and newspapers in the future

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We have a little section at HD where we look at technology products that could potentially change our lifestyle. Through this home tech section, we peek at things that fascinate us in the gadget world and there is a particular medium that is catching our attention quite a lot these days: Tablets.

The growth of this new device has been phenomenal and it is already exceedingexpectations. One of the reasons for its popularity(despite brilliant marketing) is the whole new experience it brings to browsing information. The possibilities they bring in the way of consuming and interacting with content is fascinating. And it is hardly surprising that it has also spawned a new breed of editorial designs that exploit the tablet’s capabilities. These new interfaces are slick, visually striking and and they bring about a level of engagement that we could only dream about previously. Take a look at some of them below:

Magazines like Time, Popular Science, Sports Illustrated have already released applications tailored to meet this medium.

Microsoft recently weighed in with a concept of its own. (Unfortunately the company killed this before it went to production)

Besides tablets there are other handhelds that could undergo a revolutionary change in the way we interact with them. Watch this video for example:

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