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Italian company, Clever, manufacture a range of furniture compositions which provide customizable study areas for kids and teens bedrooms. Offering a vast range of desks, chairs, bespoke shelving and storage units, your young genius will be certain to have somewhere beautiful to study.Coordinating the desk with shelves and bedside cabinets gives a cohesive look to the room. Drawers on castors roll out to create more surface area for books and well-deserved snacks on study breaks. Pops of color make your childs space a fun place to be, and could even help stimulate their brain cells!If you are timesharing a workspace between siblings of different ages, or trying to keep up with a growing child, a wall mounted desktop on a shelving bracket system is a great idea, providing a surface that is completely height adjustable. For those of you who keep an eye on your children whilst they work, whether to marvel at their brilliance or to give a waking nudge, a fold away desktop could create a tidy solution in a communal area of your home.Be sure to add a splash of your kids personality to their study spaces, with smart accessories such as neat storage boxes or a desk lamp, whether quirky, pretty or contemporary. With furniture solutions as Clever as this, you might forget to ask the kids what they want!

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