New Age Contemporary Kitchens

New Age Contemporary Kitchens

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Check out this collection from Cuisines Morel. The old rule book is thrown clean out of the window when it comes to finish, color and creativity, seeing jaw dropping combinations of rustic, knotty cabinets against a graffiti backdrop, or bright sky blue gloss sandwiched right inside rich wood and white glass. Team all this with flashy extractor units that could easily be mistaken for contemporary works of art, just as at home in a sculpture gallery, and youre on to a winner. (Visuals rendered by Interiorvista)

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Modern chrome and nickel hardware sing against muted wood grain, and impressive pieces of industrial style lighting create an air of trendy loft living.

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A rustic stone wall provides a stunning, contrasting pattern against the solid color slab cabinets.

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A pale sink blends with the worktop, allowing the shiny modern faucet to take center stage, whilst vintage posters and prints create an eclectic look, and compliment the subtle streams of sophisticated color, appearing vibrant against mint green and warm grey.

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Designer chairs and chic barstools keep the look polished and expensive, whilst book collections are carefully displayed to add a homely element to the vast, high ceiling spaces.

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