Fresh White Based Dining Spaces

Fresh White Based Dining Spaces

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This collection of beautiful interior renders all tackle a white-based dining scheme to different effect. White can be both edgy or serene, sharply modern or softly traditional, and of course it goes with absolutely anything, which allows home accessories to explode with a multitude of color combinations, or to be paired back for a striking monochrome result.

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Via Ronen Bekerman
A stark color scheme works brilliantly with a black floor, the dark base will anchor your design scheme and give the look more punch, a wooden floor also works well in bringing life and texture to an otherwise flat space.

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Via Hybrido Studio 3D
Another way to bring texture to your blank palette is with an exposed brick wall, so before you have a room fully plastered, consider leaving one or two feature walls au natural, the brick tone alone will look great, but you can also white wash or gloss the rough surface for added interest within your paint plan.

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Via Perseverance Design
If bare walls aren’t your thing there are numerous lines of predominantly white wallpapers on the market, try wide stripes of white with another tint, like a pale grey mist, or the tiniest touch of peppermint, the added shades will make the white elements appear bright and clean.

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