Beautiful Illustrative Wallpapers

Beautiful Illustrative Wallpapers

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If only walls could talk! Well, they almost do with these beautiful illustrative wallpapers from Colombian born, Barcelona based, Catalina Estrada; they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these designs certainly speak volumes!

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Now this style of wallpaper will not be for everyone, but some of these designs form murals that can be appreciated by most as a striking piece of art. Images from Latin-American folklore are brought to life with enchanting characters in vivid color, you might spot a very stylized illustration of a Little Red Riding Hood reminiscent tale amongst them, complete with a big bad wolf.

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If murals aren’t your thing, then the collection offers up eye catching compositions of floral brights in intricate repeats, geometric coverings with a textile inspired look, and eye catching bird patterns.

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With Estrada forming a mega client list that includes numerous big hitters, like Paul Smith, Coca-Cola, Microsoft Zune, Sony Music, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda, Paulo Coelho, Lindt, Unicef, Motorola, Chronicle Books, Barcelona’s City Council, Mayor of London, Government of India, to name just a few, this trend looks strongly set to continue.

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