Beautiful Modern Style Sofas

Beautiful Modern Style Sofas

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As the largest piece of furniture you are likely to buy for your living, we are taking a look at sofas and loveseats, exploring how they fit into modern spaces. This collection from Vitra is a menagerie of contemporary shapes and colors to inspire your next decorating scheme, enjoy!

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White is a fresh look, it’s also a fabulous backdrop for mixing stronger colors when it comes to choosing your scatter cushions and throws. Don’t forget that not everything has to be matched either, an accent chair in a contrasting color will have far more visual effect than a traditional, single toned, three piece suite. The heavy shapes of yesterday are also out the window with the introduction of sweeping silhouettes and curves, even boxier designs have been slimmed down and streamlined to create a more dynamic look for the modern home.

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This distinctive piece is a 2010 design by Antonio Citterio and Hella Jongerius, inspired by the vibrant colors and geometric profiles of mid century modern sofa design. Dress it retro with a playful palette like this one, or embrace its modern side by pairing with on-trend contemporary tones.

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Whilst neutral hues like taupe, grey, and bolder black are still going strong, current shapes and styles have extra edge when upholstered in rich colored fabrics such as hot reds or chic olive green. A mustard shade falls nicely in the middle of the spectrum having an earthy undertone whilst still creating a stronger statement than your paler creams. Scroll on for some great eye candy.

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Imagine this piece paired with a mid century modern coffee table in a bold atomic-age color. The possibilities for mixing and matching are truly endless.

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