Kids Rooms: Climbing Walls and Contemporary Schemes

Kids Rooms: Climbing Walls and Contemporary Schemes

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A New York East Side townhouse is the home of an awesome boys bedroom makeover. The room began as a less mature place, with the boys childhood racecar beds, but was transformed into this pre-teen dream space by Perianth Interior Design.

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The no-holds-barred design brief meant that Perianth had free reign to create the ultimate boy cave, including a rock-climbing wall installation, a realistic mini basketball court and full sized punching bag to work out those adolescent strops.

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Loft frames are built around each sleeping space, allowing a birds-eye view of the communal sports area, and providing an element of privacy and zoning. The games continue in the construction of the bespoke bed frames, as the circular cutouts that climb the posts are backed with Velcro so that fluffy ping-pong balls can be used to hone aiming skills.

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The internal lofts were devised to include storage nooks for collections of books and trophies, and further under bed storage and sub window units conceal the inevitable accumulated clutter of a kid’s room.

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More contemporary visualizations for your inspiration…

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Via Alekscg
The above render doesn’t go for photorealism but it sure is not short on inspiration.

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