Stunning Underwater Hotel: The Water Discus

Stunning Underwater Hotel: The Water Discus

Deep Ocean Technology comes to life in the shape of this magnificent Water Discus Hotel proposed to be constructed in Dubai shortly. The structure would comprise of one underwater and one above-water disc, connected by three solid legs that are fixed to the sea bed, and a daylight filled vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway.

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Guests are offered the dual opportunity of sleeping deep in the ocean, and bathing in the warm climate on the upper deck. Twenty-one hotel rooms are submersed in the center of a vibrant coral reef with enchanting views of sea life, illuminated with special lighting systems, and offer the use of miniature underwater vehicles equipped with macro photography, operated from your suite, to provide a closer look at the tiniest of creatures. A dive center allows guests to get up close in person, via an underwater airlock and decompression chamber that leads divers directly into the depths of the ocean.

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An enormous swimming pool marks the centre of the futuristic sky disc, and adjacent satellites, accessed via glass-walled passageways that tunnel through the diving training pool, hold a restaurant, spa and special recreation area. More seawater swimming pools reside on the rooftop along with an exotic garden, whilst an indoor multifunctional lobby harbors screens that monitor the surrounding aqueous zone, including a peek at diving activities in real time.

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Due to the innovative design comprising individual modules that can be detached and replaced with new ones, Water Discus can also be expanded into a bigger resort complex, and may be constructed and reconstructed anywhere in the world, creating opportunities to live underwater on a permanent basis in an unlimited string of locations.

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Here is what the view from inside one of those rooms would looks like:

Watch the video: INSIDE: The Muraka, the Worlds first glass underwater hotel suite at Conrad Maldives (January 2022).