Fabulously Minimalist Fireplaces

Fabulously Minimalist Fireplaces

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This may sound a little off-season to those of you who are enjoying soaking up the rays of the beautiful summer sunshine right now, but we just couldnt wait to bring you these smart fireplaces, from designers at Element4, and theres nothing wrong with a little pre-winter planning to ensure you stay just as toasty as you are now into the colder months.

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There is a beautiful simplicity to these modernistic pieces, allowing the complexity of the natural dancing flame to do the enchanting, with minimalist or non-existent surrounds and mantles. A good section of the collection is filled with flat fronted, wall-mounted pieces for a chic and sleek addition to any chimneybreast, whilst others create more of a bespoke look, including recessed letterbox shaped installations.

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Transparent dual aspect numbers, in elongated landscape lines create the opportunity to join a dining room and lounge, or a kitchen diner together via a diving wall, allowing both zones to enjoy the heat and cozy spectacle.

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Other dividing double sided designs are seen jutting into a living space from a side mounted flue, allowing the omission of a vertical chimney completely, and therefore resulting in unobscured views from one end of a multipurpose room to another.

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