Sleek and Sumptuous Poland Apartment

Sleek and Sumptuous Poland Apartment

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This modern style apartment in Warsaw was sent to us by Nasciturus Design, and is a beautiful example of how to inject a shot of warm luxury through the cool color palettes and strong lines of contemporary living. The apartment has been decorated with the elegant tastes of a professional inhabitant in mind, as someone who might spend several days a week in the city of Warsaw for business, and therefore requires a home away from home with an option for entertaining.

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All of the furniture was designed and manufactured by carpenters at the company Cedros, and combines traditional ideas and silhouettes with new age simplicity.

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The apartment houses a stunning selection of natural stone, travertine and other high-end finishes.

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The master bedroom is decorated in calming tones, teamed with soft fabrics and over-sized cushioned headboard for a grand statement of luxury. More modern classics adorn the space, such as the ornate feature chair casually angled in the corner.

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A home office area with a sturdy antique-style desk allows for catching up on paperwork out of hours.

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In the ensuite bathroom an Aqua TV has been situated above the generous tub for catching up on the latest news.

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Photographs by Yassen Hristov.

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