White Lofts

White Lofts

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Loved those white studio apartments? Well, today we’re celebrating six cool white loft spaces that began their lives as an empty shell, free from interior walls or room perimeter constrictions, to become trendy living spaces that each emanates individual style.

The slender floating stair treads, which protrude the one side of this spacious loft, are one of the few blonde wood accents that bring a break from the bright expanse of white in this home. The elegant staircase reaches up from its wooden platform base to a mezzanine level that is utilized as a bedroom.

Behind a clear glass balustrade the bedroom area is also devoid of any color, giving way from snowy white only to play with a few shades of gray that come in the form of large art panels.

The pale blocky walls of this next space form a pale canvas on which to splash warm accents of red and orange via the soft furnishing accessories and window dressings.

In the kitchen and industrial island has bed situated for use as a breakfast bar, flanked by elongated tall bench seats.

The bedroom in this loft dwelling is separated from the main living areas by panel curtains that can be drawn back to let the floor space flow unobstructed during daylight hours.

The exposed beams in this home create an attractive feature within themselves, adding bags of character to the blank background.

Though probably a little too sterile for some, this slick loft living style is extremely smooth around the edges, with high-end finishes and furniture choices.

A bit rougher around the edges, this loft uses raw wood to panel out interior rooms and levels.

Perhaps the most industrial of the ones featured here, this one tries to capture you heart with its unusual accents and quirky pendants.

Image Courtesy: U6 Studios, Home Away, JJ Locations, BB Italia, Mihail Bendus

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