Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

Modern Rooms with a Feminine Touch

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Whether a home has a male or a female owner, a little feminine touch can go a long way to making a harsh lined modern layout feel more like a cozy home; these five sets of room designs from Sava Studio show you the tricks of the trade on how to smooth things over with a slightly softer side.

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Colorful scatter cushions with elegant motifs are key to the fun finish of this room. The otherwise neutral scheme gains great lift from the kaleidoscope of hues, which are picked up subtly by a miniature vase of blooms and bookcase accessories. The pattern in the pillows is reflected in the design on the dividing glass doors that take the glamour one step further with an elegant sheen.

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Floral feature walls behind the sofa and a curvaceous workstation add a delicate design element to the straighter furniture silhouettes in the room. A sweeping lighting arrangement compliments the organic prints in warm white LEDs.

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Small crystal drops add a subtle sparkle to the central lighting fixture in this room, whilst scatter cushions add a little personality and pop.

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Punchy printed pillows and a metallic bedspread pretty up the modern platform bed in this sleep space.

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This kitchen-lounge is all curves, dressed up to party with lipstick red accents.

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