Como Shambhala Estate: Yet Another Stunning Bali Retreat

Como Shambhala Estate: Yet Another Stunning Bali Retreat

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It is not unusual to hear the phrase, “I need a holiday to recover from my holiday!” There are obviously many alternatives to a whirlwind tour that spans continents and takes in as many sights as possible, but the Como Shambhala Estate in Bali offers more than superficial rest and relaxation: it offers a very real opportunity to change a life. Assisted by a Yogi, Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Doctor, guests are invited to learn what it means to truly unwind and reconnect with their bodies through the use of a state-of-the-art gym and exploration of their stunning surroundings by means of various engaging outdoor activities.

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Wherever possible, the estate remains an example of traditional Indonesian architecture with its predominantly hardwood construction, breeze-capturing elevation, thatched roofing and open plan pavilion style interiors- often ornately carved in the famed Balinese fashion. As is also the Indonesian way, the estate is not one large construction but a series of buildings linked by tree-lined walkways and meandering stone steps, which in turn, grow out of and descend into the lush tropical landscape.

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Though fundamentally organic, the interiors offer a dramatic wooden contrast to the green of their surroundings that can be appreciated from almost any set of indoor co-ordinates. Thatching (usually made up of coconut or sugar palm leaves) and exposed beams are softened by a liberal use of white in both bedding and soft furnishings, and guests are romanced by the addition of mosquito netting which hangs in tandem with neutral window treatments in each of the suites.

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