Fabulous Fortress in Brazil

Fabulous Fortress in Brazil

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Marcio Kogans Casa Lee has been somewhat unflatteringly described as a concrete mass. Equally, one could compare it to a concrete blockhouse reminiscent of the Second Boer War. Regardless, its angular, if not imposing Brutalist style, may not find favor with its most vocal critic, Charles, Prince of Wales, but it is an aesthetic that has resonated with the likes of prolific 20th Century architects, Joseph Eichler and Frank Lloyd Wright. The fortress of an exterior is transformed by retractable glass walls that open the structure to absorb its Brazilian surroundings and inset wood cladding beyond the vast open plan living space, marks a shift in ambience from that which is social to that which is more intimate, as it continues through the four bedrooms and perhaps, not surprisingly, inhabits the sauna.

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