Visualizations from Triple D Designs

Visualizations from Triple D Designs

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We just cant seem to get enough of Triple D Designs. Entering the detailed virtual worlds of Triple D provides interior design enthusiasts with a plethora of modern inspiration to suit almost any space. To demonstrate the sheer versatility of modern design styles and the extent of their obvious skill the following exercise in experimentation with a grey palette, once condemned to those spaces of a corporate nature and often thought of as boring, lends an unrivaled elegance to living, dining and bedroom spaces alike. This elegant impression is furthered by the incorporation of statement pieces such as the overarching floor lamps (for which Triple D has a particular fondness) and robust, monochrome dining combinations that project an overwhelmingly linear energy.

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Both modern and contemporary design philosophies are regularly criticized for a lack of warmth, but a decidedly organic approach to accessorizing and a preference for golden-hued lighting render the previous spaces more inviting than most. In contrast, the space to follow relies on an ambience created by swathes of natural light that spills in unencumbered by heavy window treatments. Though views from the terrace suggest an urban landscape, this visualization would not look amiss in a coastal environment and hints at the marine world through its employment of blue accents and sun-bleached blonde wood flooring, which is complimented by the choice of dining setting and framing of its featured wall hanging.

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This white symmetrical kitchen, from its splash back feature wall of many segments to its dining table thoughtfully topped by a fruit bowl of continuous wire lines, lies distinctly juxtaposed to that which follows it: an open plan kitchen, dining and living space dominated by a textural navy wall that spans its length and serves to accentuate the indoor greenery which intensifies set against the dark background. This type of experimentation with color blocking has been prevalent to a greater extent within spaces of a commercial nature and the final submission from Triple D, a bold, red accented bistro-style space speaks to its origins.

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