Enduring Inspiration from Vic Nguyen

Enduring Inspiration from Vic Nguyen

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Ever-popular vizualist, Vic Nguyen has once again proved to be an enduring source of inspiration with this collection of interiors that are quintessentially modern, yet delve deeper into Nguyens experimentation with that, which is both, organic and industrial. This exercise in a fusion of philosophies is particularly evident in these, the first two of the spaces to follow. They each build on a white canvas using blonde wood and natural elements such as timber cladding, stone and marble, but begin to diverge in their employment of styling. The first space remains quite restrained and sophisticated, while the second is comparatively more reflective of current trends and conveys a sense of fun through the inclusion of elements from the natural world such as the giraffe mural that inhabits the bedroom or the antlered skull mounted on the living room wall.

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