Chic Apartment in Barcelonas LEixample District

Chic Apartment in Barcelonas LEixample District

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Barcelonas tony La Nova neighborhood in the LEixample District hosts this chic, sun-filled apartment created to host a large group of vacationers. Set in a classical turn-of-century Gaudi-Modernist building, the apartment exudes lots of charm and festive elements such as pristine white living areas filled with comfort-minded furnishings and loads of brilliant color. The main living areas are open and luxuriously ample in square footage. Notable design and architectural elements include Barcelona-style hydraulic tiles, original plaster crown molding, rich wood floors and rough-hewn beamed ceilings.

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The sunny open plan living space is filled with bright pops of color and lots of texture.

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Bookshelves span the wall in the dining area creating a library feel.

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Wood beams add interest to the white ceilings drawing the eye through the space to the city scene beyond.

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Modern Eames Bikini chairs sit at a long natural wood table for ten.

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This view shows the apartments long narrow design with kitchen in the middle and a hallway to the bedrooms beyond.

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Ample workspace makes for a amateur chef’s dream kitchen.

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Counter tops are kept light to be unobtrusive to the overall lightness of the open living space.

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Sunlight streams through a single long narrow window encased in rich wood.

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A vintage Chesterfield sofa provides a comfy spot to put up one’s feet an relax.

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The apartment bedrooms are kept minimal with sparse furnishings and white walls and bedding.

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A large soaking tub takes center stage in front of a dramatic black wall.

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Natural woven storage baskets give a Zen feel to the master bath.

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