Sleek Italian Apartment in Lucca

Sleek Italian Apartment in Lucca

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Designed by Studiovo, this sleek, contemporary apartment makes ample use of line and form for a look that is both striking and unusual. Sharply angled ceilings, strong accent walls with key-thread characteristics and a bold black and white palette all fill the dramatic residence with a dynamic presence. Built in the historical center of Lucca, the home also features three terraces, one of which is 80 sq meters and enjoys stunning views of the city beyond.

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The unique accent wall is made of wood lacquered in a brown anthracite finish. It is decorative just as is or offers display surface for beloved found objects.

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Beyond the accent wall the dining room can be seen furnished with Verner Paton chairs in white.

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An additional dining area off the living room features wire mesh chairs and a acrylic table.

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The sharply angled ceiling and angled walls of the living room offer striking architectural elements.

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A large leather chair is a casual rendition of Pedro Friedeberg’s iconic Hand-Chair.

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A backlit modern art sculpture of acrylic adds a touch of color to the otherwise black and white space.

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The kitchen windows provide a geometric take on the classic eyebrow window.

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Kitchen hardware is replaced by cut-out “slots” placed off center adding interest to the kitchen cabinetry.

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A small built-in desk makes a perfect mini-office in the master bedroom.

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The uber-modern bed is in direct contrast to the traditional plaid bed coverings.

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A grouping of mirrors give the appearance of having been thrown into place in a convoluted arrangement.

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The floors throughout the apartment are made of pickled oak giving them a slight greyish/blonde appearance.

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Red storage bins offer the only pop of color in the white bathroom.

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True to elements throughout the house, the bathroom vanity is cut-out and angled in a striking use of line.

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The guest bathroom gets a splash of color from a brick red wall amping the liveliness of the space.

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