A Tale of Two Houses by FARM

A Tale of Two Houses by FARM

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Built for two generations, parents and an adult child, the Wall House boasts two houses connected by a stunning courtyard with dynamic oculus and minimalist design elements. Masterminded by the architects of FARM, a group of hip creative professionals, the houses sit on one large lot filled with beautiful landscaping. The main structure is a multi-level affair which brings manmade materials together with natural elements for a look that is truly unique and organic in flow.

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The upper level and swimming pool can be seen here from the compound’s second house.

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The lower levels sit beneath a lawn covered roof and top most level.

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The shallow pool adds a mysterious element to the outer living areas as it winds around the house.

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The huge central courtyard features an open air oculus and six willow trees for a minimalist look.

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A wall of floor to ceiling glass allows for dynamic courtyard views.

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The light wood plank ceiling adds interest amongst the other neutral low-key elements of the main living room.

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The large open plan living/dining/kitchen space provides a wonderful setting for entertaining at a moment’s notice.

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The kitchen is a long narrow affair with minimalist decor of sleek white counter tops and cabinetry.

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The retractable wall on the far end of the dining area allows for enjoyment of the water feature and landscaping beyond.

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A large built-in office area sits in back of the media room offering plenty of space for multiple work stations.

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The master bathroom is warmed by use of organic golden hued wood on floor, ceiling and cabinetry.

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