Interior Designs Filled with Texture

Interior Designs Filled with Texture

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Architect Ly Anh Thi is the founder of AT Design Company which specializes not just in architectural design but also 3D visualization. The interior designs created by Ly Anh Thi and her team are beautiful with the spaces sporting multiple textures and tasteful art. The rooms itself are like individual works of art created to make each room unique, warm and luxurious. She features designs for small apartments and larger homes alike and manages to make the spaces open and inviting, no matter the size or layout.

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This apartment space is used as a combination bedroom and living room. But because of the floor to ceiling windows and the clean design, the space isn’t too small or cluttered. The black and white artwork combined with the wood textures make the space feel uniform and stylish.

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This open living room design has various textures in the area rug, the tree branches and the painted brick walls. The artwork adds to the aesthetics and the furniture isn’t all one matching color, but the various colors work together and tie in the design.

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This linear designed bedroom is very easy on the eyes. The accent wall behind the bed is created by long wooden planks with sporadic mirrors. The same linear pattern is found in the hardwood floors and striped area rug.

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This open kitchen is bright and white, but the medium toned wood finishes tie together not just the kitchen but the adjacent dining space which has a large wooden table in the same finish.

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Your eye travels floor to ceiling in this living room design. Decorative boxes surrounded by wood molding encase two identical art pieces, and the same outlined boxes are repeated above them but except they are open and able to be used to shelf various decorative items. This also opens the rooms up. The many green plants also give life and a contrasting green accent color.

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Again, texture is the key in this bedroom with the wall paper, area rug and draperies. The room is done in soft colors with an inviting seating area.

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This massive walk-in closet has perpendicular wooden patterns from the hardwood floors and the cabinets and shelving. The contrast continues in the different shades of the wood.

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Although there isn’t much privacy in this bathroom, there is style. A glass enclosed shower and toilet area really open up the room and make it appear very large.

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Texture once again adds to the room with the counter tops and tile work. On the vanity, a simple glass vase boasts a spray of fresh-cut flowers – a detail that can go a long way toward bringing life to a secluded space, especially one that lacks natural sunlight.

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This bathroom looks like a spa retreat with the in ground tub, just below the windows to provide privacy.

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The furry area rug in a cow pattern is the real show stopper in this villa living room area. The brown furniture warms up the room and there is ample seating for entertaining.

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This monochromatic color scheme in shades of brown creates a modern and inviting living space. The two different wall paper patterns again add that texture and contrast.

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Even though this space is mostly white, the dark wood and gray accent pieces add a simple style. Artwork, vases and branches give personality to the space.

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This kitchen and dining space is combined yet separate with the wall frame in between allowing you to see straight through into either space. It also provides a place to add wine bottles to decorate the rooms.

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Another view of the large, textured bedroom space with full seating area.

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This warm bedroom design continues the theme of texture and artistic appeal.

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Linear view of the textured bedroom shows how the room connects well with the hallway and entrance.

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