Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

Saving Space with a Suspended Bedroom

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London flats may be chic, but as in most cities space is usually limited. So designing homes in major cities takes a lot of creativity and space saving techniques. This home located in the Camden Borough of London has all the amenities of a full apartment within a small living space. The use of space here and the layout of the home are savvy and distinctive. There may be a lot going on within the space, but it doesnt seem overcrowded and there is still space to walk around freely.

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The first thing you notice in this combination living area is of course the bed suspended from the ceiling. Accessible by narrow staircase off to the side, this is really saving space because fitting a bedroom would have made for a closet sized living room. Not only does the bed conveniently suspend from the ceiling, but it is underneath a large, retractable glass panel that provides access to the rooftop terrace.

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The next big space saving tactic employed in this home is a second combination space which makes up the kitchen, dining room and the bathroom. This may seem strange, but it actually works in this space. A full stand in tub was added against the wall, right next to a wall of windows and the shower curtain is also suspended from the ceiling and surrounds the entire tub for privacy. Because it is off to the side, it doesn’t grab your attention immediately and it doesn’t become the focal point of the room. Built in shelves make a great place for shoe storage and hidden cubbies in the wall hide the garbage can and a small refrigerator.

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Image Courtesy: JJLocations

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