Apartment Living for the Modern Minimalist

Apartment Living for the Modern Minimalist

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Minimalist design is becoming all the rage especially in apartments where space is often scarce. This design concept explores simplicity and keeps homes clutter and stress free. Less is more in these stunning designs, keeping the space open and clean. When creating a minimalist concept, its important to remember that these designs are using only necessary elements to occupy and stylize a space. The use of interesting and sometimes funky furniture paired with a neutral palette is what really defines a modern, minimalist space. It is that “less is more” thought process which is needed to achieve the clean, sleek looks below created by Studio 1408.

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The design of this apartment space is ideal for anyone trying to make their home clean, modern and fresh. The white paint, straight lines and hardwood floors keep to minimalist ideals.

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The use of pendant lighting over the adjacent dining space adds interesting style to this modern design.

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The dark wood contrasting with the neutral paint colors really warms up this minimalist apartment. The slight hints of aqua make it unique and fresh.

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This modern style can be carried throughout the home as shown here with this nursery design. The space is well lit and bright with a neutral color palette to suit either gender.

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This neat and tidy office space is bright and open with a wall of windows in the rear and has decorative elements, such as the bonsai tree, paying tribute to Japanese interior design which minimalism was born from.

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The same Japanese design pieces can be seen in this modern dining room. The texture on the wall dresses up the space. Note that all the living spaces shown have hardwood floors created with long boards which is a staple of minimalist design.

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The linear design is carried into the bathrooms of these gorgeous homes. Everything is very clean-cut and the marble adds a luxurious touch without going over the top.

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White is often considered the supreme color choice for a modern and minimal design and this living space exemplifies that. The wood used is in a very light shade and the only slight touch of darkness can be seen in the window and door frames. The wall art keeps with the white color scheme and adds a touch of nature to the room.

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The rich woods and lush greenery really bring a natural feel to this dining space. A textured accent wall brings pop, without straying from the neutral tones.

If you’re looking to simplify your life and your home, modern minimalism is the way to go and these beautiful examples will inspire you to create a unique, relaxing space of your very own.Â

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