Facebooks Menlo Park Campus Interiors

Facebooks Menlo Park Campus Interiors

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The old Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park has become the new Facebook campus, after the ever growing company speedily outgrew two other company headquarters. The social media giant–who recently celebrated its 10th birthday–needed a place that would fit their culturally relevant zeal, as well as promoting self expression and idea sharing. To complete the mammoth task of converting the 1 million-square-feet of archaic private offices, Gensler were brought on board. Gensler proudly handed the reigns to the younger members of their team to harness budding fresh ideas for a youthful company campus.

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The old stuffy offices were blown wide open and given a buzzing downtown vibe. Within the cool urban environment employees have access to two main cafes, a burrito bar, an eat-in Mexican restaurant, a pizza pickup window, various micro kitchens, a Philz Coffee place and even their own sweet shop for a quick rush of energy in the long afternoons! As we’ve discussed before when covering Facebook’s numerous offices, there is method in the madness of supplying all of these culinary opportunities: employees have little need to go off campus when their stomachs are kept happy, and when all are contained in one space there is maximum opportunities for spontaneous collaboration.

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Of course, not every minute of every working day can be spent in brain storming sessions with colleagues, so areas of quiet, focussed work were also provided within the design. A Gensler document states: “Individuals have the time and space to imagine, muse, write, reflect, create, and just be alone with their thoughts. They also have easy access to their teams to meet, critique, refine, brainstorm, iterate, and develop.”

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Environmentally aware, Facebook encourages it’s many commuting employees to car share, travel by company shuttle, and bike to work.

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Many walls around the building have been designed as scribble walls, where employees can jot messages to one another, or simply have fun and express themselves. Facebook actively encourages it’s budding serious artists too, by having an artist in residency program providing them an outlet to which they can contribute.

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Slogans around the campus evoke the teams quest for continually moving innovation, “Fortune Favors the Bold”, “Move Fast, Break Things”, and “Hack Often”.

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Treadmill stations provide opportunity to stay physically and mentally active.

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