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Bold Decor Schemes

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Three gorgeous home designs, all designed by KUOO Architects, feature bold décor decisions to form cutting edge interiors. From living areas with dominating black feature walls to bathrooms with jewel-like jade colored mosaic tiling, this collection is inspired.

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The first is a 105 square meter private home in the Netherlands, which goes bold with a midnight black wall that spans the entire length of the kitchen and the dining area facing the lounge. The dark wall is lifted with addition of a low white unit that holds an open modern fireplace, and a pale wooden storage unit. Sheer white curtains let in the maximum amount of available natural sunlight, which bounces over light wood floors.

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The kitchen units too are in basic black, and this allows the tall units to blend away into the back wall.

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In the bedroom the sombre wall color is repeated, but faces a glossy white run of floor-to-ceiling light reflective units that sit above and below a letterbox open-flame fireplace.

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A built in bench provides extra seating at the table whilst using minimal floor space.

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A blue accented bedroom brings some light relief in the serious home scheme, perfect for a younger family member.

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The second KUOO design is a 110 square meter flat that explores much of the same color palette as our first, and with similar furnishings, but with a very different layout. Rather than being open plan, this home is divided up into more intimate individual spaces thanks to the existence of a central wall running between the living room and dining room. However, each of these two areas are still connected somewhat by the long kitchen layout that runs from one end of the flat to the other.

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Our third home design is a 170 square meter space that is divided by retractable glass doors, which allow the place to become open plan in an instant.

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