Colorful Interior Design Ideas

Colorful Interior Design Ideas

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In this post, we take a look at two urban flats, styled by Polish designer Sabina Królikowska, who works under the name Inside Home Design. Both spaces have a lot of natural light and interesting floor plans. Królikowska has carefully chosen furnishings and decor that reflect both the personality of the space and that of the inhabitants. The results are fun yet sophisticated.

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Urban kitchens have a tendency to be small. By keeping the color in the kitchen nook more neutral, the space feels more comfortable. The addition of fresh flower arrangements makes for a welcoming dining atmosphere.

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The sawhorse dining table is an affordable option that is easily converted to a work surface or even folded up for more open floor space. The mismatched chairs give the adult dining area a much more youthful feel than a matching set would.

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The neon oranges and pinks play off of the black and white as well as the brick column for a funky atmosphere that never feels stodgy.

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Królikowska redecorated this attic flat for a couple who are both designers themselves. The live/work mixture is always a challenges, but Królikowska manages to bring in elements of the couple’s work while still giving them plenty of places to create and to be creative.

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Once again using the sawhorse solution, but this time as a desk, this clean work area is bright and open while still offering plenty of storage space and a removed work area.

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The apartment doesn’t really have interior diving walls, so separating spaces using hanging dividers and levels is important. This divider keeps the dining area separate from the relaxing living room.

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The slanted ceiling in the attic is design challenge. Rather than leave dead space, the designer has included more storage under the attic windows.

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By incorporating elements of the inhabitants career in the design, the flat is able to reflect the people that live there, rather than force them to adapt to the designs.

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