Contemporary Home in the Hills

Contemporary Home in the Hills

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A large New Zealand based home, sits on over 80 acres of farmland in Riverhead, and gazes out over the surrounding native bush. The property is approached by a shaded walkway, running between attractive gardens and twin rock pools, into a modern work of architecture. Inside the light and bright dwelling, sliding glazed doors provide access to the views over the valley and nearby forest, as well as to a generous private swimming pool.

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The pool is a tranquil area for rest and relaxation under clear skies; poolside planting ties the sun patio in with the homes wider green setting.

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A cabana and an office occupy the west wing of the house, along with three big bedrooms that are each complete with their own en suite bathroom.

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A wooden deck runs across the water to a zen platform, offering a serene spot for meditation in front of a giant statue of a Buddha head, and the stunning scenery beyond.

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An informal dining spot is perfect for casual bites and drinks.

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An open plan living area makes the home feel airy and uncomplicated, with a free flowing energy.

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The formal dining area holds a huge square dining table complete with twelve roomy place settings–a great place to hold lavish dinner parties and festive gatherings for the extended family.

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In the kitchen, a central island offers up yet another pretty place to perch for a snack, and a sliding door conceals a chef’s kitchen complete with walk-in cool store.

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On the south of the property, a wide stream runs through a lush forest.

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Paneled doors flank the halls.

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The master bedroom is situated on the east wing of the house, it offers up a 20 square meter walk-in closet and it’s own bathroom. The eastern wing also houses a laundry and another large bedroom complete with en suite bathroom, as well as a connection to the homes three-car garage.

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