Cantilevered Bangkok Clubhouse

Cantilevered Bangkok Clubhouse

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Built as part of a high-end housing project to the west of Thailand, the luxurious Bangkok Grand Pinklao Clubhouse holds a proud prominent position at the forefront of the development. The cool clubhouse, designed by firm OfficeAT, holds separate offices and meeting spaces, a multi-purpose area, and a large swimming pool.

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The main brief set out for this imposing clubhouse was that it must be very clearly viewable from the main road nearby, though not exceeding the restricted height limit of 40 feet. The build required a unique eye-catching design, which could be located at the top of the six feet high landscaped plot.

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The solution was to create a cantilevered structure, with expansive extensions that jut out almost 25 feet from the front and back of the building, using post tension structure to balance the mass. The building axis runs on an alignment orientation that suits the southeast Asian locale, with the narrow east and west sides of the building facing the sun. The west side of the building is protected from the blazing sun by an overhang, thus increasing the buildings energy saving performance.

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The glass box glows in the evening hours.

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The open plan main floor overlooks the entry steps and beautiful grounds.

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The base of the structure and several private interior volumes are created as irregular shapes, which have been clad in attractive naturally occurring stone patterns. The exterior walls are huge glass doors that can be retracted; open or closed the glazed walls reveal the inside activities and uses of the clubhouse.

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A neat, simply zen internal courtyard brings the green outdoors into a screened-off, windowless bathroom area. The indoor garden provides an unexpected feature on approach, and a pleasant view when emerging from the private stalls.

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The glass edge of the luxury infinity pool.

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