3 Beautiful Homes Under 500 Square Feet

3 Beautiful Homes Under 500 Square Feet

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When we think of beautiful homes, sprawling mansions and unattainable estates. But the truth is that a beautiful home is what you make of the space you do have. Instead of trying to cram a lot of big pieces and crazy patterns into a small apartment, using simple designs and neutral colors, with plenty of shelving and storage, can make even a studio apartment feel like your own private castle.These three homes from Curly Studio show that you dont need a lot of square footage to make a home beautiful and livable.

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The first home we are featuring comes in at only 32 square meters (344 square feet).

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A beautiful wood platform bed is separated from the main room of the home by custom floating shelves.

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The kitchen also features beautiful open shelving, despite it’s narrow design.

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And a dining table, perfect for two, folds down when needed and tucks away when not in use.

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A walk-in closet eschews doors while boxes and cubby holes keep unmentionables out of view.

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Though this type of open shelving does have a beautiful effect, anyone living here would need to invest in a step ladder and a good duster.

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A small shower stall and floating sink in a tiled bathroom add a practical if cozy final touch.

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The second design we’re featuring comes in at 40 square meters (431 square feet).

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Instead of shelving, this home uses sliding glass doors to separate the bedroom from the living area.

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Another platform bed and a simple desk area complete this comfortable, multipurpose space.

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The different levels, from the bed to the tucked in shelving and the lower office floor make the bedroom feel like more than one room, giving the illusion of more space.

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A small kitchen/dining area feels big with plenty of sunlight and white brick walls.

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Open shelving gives just enough space for dishes for two.

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In the living room, a clever coffee table doubles as storage.

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And a stylish desk chair is the right height to tuck under the desk when not in use.

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The dressing area and closet uses a mirror to make the narrow passage seem bigger, but also acts as the perfect space to check out an outfit.

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Geometric wallpaper in the bathroom really livens things up.

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Skylights make for the perfect morning shower.

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The final home in this post is just 45 square meters (484 square feet).

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Custom shelving reaches up towards the ceiling, making use of every possible inch and even contributing to the illusion of more height.

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This design uses a sofa table to separate the living space from the dining room, which has plenty of room for a party of four.

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By utilizing a projector and screen rather than a traditional television, A/V equipment can be more easily hidden when not in use.

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Using wood for the accent wall behind the bed gives the illusion of a headboard.

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White brick with a dark gray duvet is sleek and chic.

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The organized kitchen is plenty spacious for meal preparation and frosted glass doors can slide close to hide any mess left behind.

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Despite the small space, the designer makes room for a full sized tub…

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…even if it doesn’t leave room for much else.

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