Industrial meets Refined in a Loft in a Former Garage, France

Industrial meets Refined in a Loft in a Former Garage, France

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Situated in the industrial portion of Bordeaux, France, a former garage has been turned into a gorgeous modern loft by Italian designer/architect Teresa Sapey. Sapey divided the building into two principal zones, public and private. The public zone, designed for receiving guests and socializing with friends, consists of a kitchen, a wine cellar and a guest bedroom.

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In oversized handwritten script across the kitchen cabinets, a clever take on René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images.

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The owner’s private area includes a spacious lounge/recreation room with bookshelves and access to an interior courtyard.

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An indoor pool interconnects the gym and bathroom, which in turn leads to the bedroom through the dressing room.

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The wine cellar’s circular shelves are perfect for accomodating bottles and groups of bottles in varying sizes. The motif continues onto the ceiling where the circles become recessed lights.

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There are dual sinks in both bathrooms.

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A hand towel is intelligently mounted where the user can find it with eyes full of water, without reaching up so that water runs down the arms, and it’s done beautifully, too.

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Industrial concrete is refined by a smooth buffed finish, footlights, and a linear drain, along with the latest shower technology, including rain head and a handheld unit.

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Above, a recreational area with a pool table overlooks the courtyard. Blinds overhead match the courtyard wall adding a punch of colour to all the interior spaces overlooking the courtyard.

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Artwork on the bathroom wall cleverly plays on the form of the toilet paper roll beneath it.

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…And what would a converted garage be without… a garage? Private, clean and fully modernized with optical-illusionary art. One would expect no less than a work of parking art from the architect who designed parking for the multiple-starchitect Hotel Puerta América Project (Madrid).

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