A Stylish Apartment with Classic Design Features

A Stylish Apartment with Classic Design Features

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When designing the interior for a new home, it can be difficult to choose between the comfortable elegance of classic style and the sleek simplicity of modern pieces. This doctors apartment, with interior design by Elvin Aliyev and Leyla Ibrahimova manages to marry the two styles nicely. More elaborate pieces like a chandelier and cozy sofas work easily with more neutral, modern elements. The result is a home that can be lived in comfortably that reflects personality along with style.

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First, the living room is dominated by an array of patterns and colors, from two bright wall hangings to a geometric print rug.

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The varied seating options create a truly inviting conversation area with diverse textures in upholstery and calming neutral colors.

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This creative wall treatment helps the flat panel television to almost disappear into the wall when not in use.

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Sleek marble for the end table and coffee table are distinctly modern and chic.

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The dark colors in the room, including the ceiling panels, are masculine yet warm.

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The designer also offers another version of the living room area that has its own classic style, starting with old world art and royal blue sofas.

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The use of lighter colors makes this options feel a bit more open and feminine.

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Using a marble look for this wall treatment is decidedly elegant, but does not let the television disappear in the same way.

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Overall, the lighter option makes the room feel more open while the darker room does a better job of separating living area from dining room.

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When we glimpse into this bedroom, we see some very modern, simple elements that create a perfect retreat for a teen.

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Plenty of lighting offsets the dark navy walls.

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The low platform bed is simple, with its own elegance.

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A wide desk, facing the window for plenty of sunlight, leaves room for at least one study buddy.

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This bathroom decor is dark and cool.

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A cool bowl sink and mirror work well with the tiled backsplash.

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Surrounding the second bathroom in marble tiles makes it like a chamber of privacy.

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A narrow shower is practical and simple.

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Open shelving and mirror space with a large basin make getting ready fuss free.

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