2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]

2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]

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Being a young couple can be a challenge. You may just be starting out in your careers, saving to buy a home, or just trying to find your footing in the world. On top of that, moving in together for the first time is stressful. But a few talented designers have decided to take on this challenges, offering two lovely studio apartment designs that would give any pair of newlyweds - or even just lovebirds cohabitating - enough stylish space to spread out and enjoy themselves on their way up the corporate (or artistic) ladder. The first apartment comes from the team at int2architecture, while the second is from designer Art Ugol.

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The team at int2architecture designed this one bedroom apartment as a temporary home for a young couple. Largely, the design focuses on dividing the small space into useful, separate zones without putting up any walls that would serve to close off the space.

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The bed is in a small lofted area, which also includes a shared workspace.

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A sunny breakfast nook is an amazing place to start a day with your loved one, but it also allows you to shut the door when you need some time to yourself.

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Vertical storage – here and inside the main room – is key to making a small space like this work. The indoor plants help add some life too.

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The interior dining area uses Eames chairs and a simple table to keep things feel open.

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A hidden drawer under the bed is helpful, too.

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The designers even managed to tuck a laundry area in, which means less time lugging clothes to a laundromat and more time at home with your honey. By the way, if you are looking for beautiful and efficient ideas for laundry storage do check out our post covering unique laundry baskets.

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We particularly love the creative herb storage, perfect for a couple that loves to cook.

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The second apartment was intended for a young female artist, but could easily be suited to a pair of artists as well.

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The full sized bed sits in a cozy cubbyhole and can be hidden from view in the event of guests.

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The living room gets plenty of natural light, which works well with the natural materials used throughout the home.

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The breakfast bar provides a perfect space for a fruit bowl or two, though a dinner party might be difficult to pull off.

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With a stone wall and modern appliances, the kitchen is simply spectacular.

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A mirrored entryway wall is essential for those last minute outfit checks.

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A sleek tiled bathroom with cool, 80’s-inspired fixtures is just artsy enough without losing any functionality.

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Plus it has laundry!

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