Contemporary New Delhi Villa with Amazing Courtyard and Water Features

Contemporary New Delhi Villa with Amazing Courtyard and Water Features

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While we love to celebrate smaller homes and their creative designs on this blog, there is no substitute for a sprawling, modern house that would make most design lovers dreams come true.This expansive family home in New Delhi, from the team at DADA Partners, incorporates the homeowners affinity for contemporary design with a spacious layout and beautiful outdoor elements. The six bedroom home is truly a space that the family can enjoy on their own, and where they can easily and elegantly entertain friends and associates.

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The villa sits on 2.5 acres of land and in addition to each of the six bedrooms has both indoor and outdoor living areas and plenty of room for entertaining.

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The two story house stays true to its contemporary influences with sweeping horizontal lines, clean angles, and neutral stone construction.

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A brilliant backyard pool forms the border of the north courtyard, making that space a destination for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

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Sliding doors from the living room offer a view to the pool, or can open up to create a seamless indoor and outdoor space.

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Two courtyards make up the center area of the home, giving it its project name of Center Court Villa. By building the house around these courtyards, the architects have allowed nearly every room to have full exterior views, helped along by floor-to-ceiling windows where possible.

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A reflecting pool along the driveway of the house becomes a modern moat as a wood and steel bridge traverses it to lead guests into the foyer. A shaded canopy comes out over the formal entryway for a cooling, and stylish effect.

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The groundfloor of the house is home to a formal dining room as well as the living area, bar, and prayer room.

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Upstairs, family bedrooms face out onto the private lawn for a beautiful view of the manicured grass as well as much desired privacy for all.

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Retro-inspired accents add a splash of color. This seating area is centered around a statement piece with the vibe of a bold mid century modern sofa.

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The interior spaces throughout the house are sleek and minimal, which serves to draw attention to the landscape outside the windows. These landscapes include both verdant foliage and carefully chosen paving stones, with natural textures and their own minimalist sensibility.

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Even the roof is manicured for a unique and lovely perspective.

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