Art Deco Elegance from Dream Design Studio

Art Deco Elegance from Dream Design Studio

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Though the simplicity of modern design is certainly en vogue, there is still something to be said for decadence that throws caution to the wind and brings in plenty of lush, luxurious glamour. This space, a private home in Ukraine from the Kiev-based designers at Dream Design Studio, manages to marry the elegance and excess of the art deco aesthetic with the mid-century sleek looks of modern masters like Le Corbusier and the Eames. The interior utilizes both specially selected furnishings and amazing sculpted and molded architectural elements to complete its sense-stimulating indulgent design.

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The home itself has four floors with the living and dining room on the ground floor and the bedrooms and study occupying the upper floors.

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Art deco design, in its original incarnation, was a testament to new technologies and progress. This design, starting with the living room’s masterfully molded ceiling, manages to pay tribute to the look of the past while still engaging with the technologies of the future.

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This chandelier, dripping with crystal, is straight out of the Great Gatsby, a testament to sumptuous excess.

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In the dining area, small potted plants decorate the table and sliding doors ornamented with brass open out onto a private garden. The plant life not only adds splashes of vibrant color, but creates its own microclimate, making the home ultimately more livable still.

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On the top level, designers created the most masculine space in the home. With dark wood flooring and carved boiseries, this area is the perfect retreat for a day’s work or an evening’s scotch.

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It’s impossible to ignore the restraint in this particular room. While it indulges with the carved walls and still makes use of gorgeous furnishings, it does not have the same over the top level of accoutrements as the other areas of the house.

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The upstairs space also includes a collection of Netsuke miniature sculptures.

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A Le Corbusier-inspired chair is a loud shout to this room’s mid-century modern inspirations.

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Even the upstairs bathroom is carefully dark.

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The contrast between the downstairs bedrooms and the upstairs ‘male space’ is almost shocking. Here, a carved ceiling acts as a canopy for a soft and luxurious bed.

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And of course, what stylish flapper would be complete with plenty of space for shoe storage.

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A marble and hardwood bathroom comes complete with an elevated tub that would literally put any woman on a pedestal.

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A soft double chaise in the luscious lilac that pervades the house would be an ideal place to lounge a day away.

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A smaller room for the family’s daughter is no less luxurious.

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The blown glass light fixture decorated with porcelain butterflies is certainly a lovely focal point.

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Whimsical wallpaper is a playful detail that still fits perfectly with the overall theme.

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Brass details, like on this tree branch patterned table, are a timeless addition.

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And the light fixtures throughout are stunning.

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Of course, only the best materials were sourced for such a project, including this accent glass from Lalique.

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A brass-fixtures guest bath is just the kind of powder room you’d visit after a long night of dancing and champagne.

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