Duplex Penthouse With Scandinavian Aesthetics Industrial Elements

Duplex Penthouse With Scandinavian Aesthetics  Industrial Elements

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When we think of Scandinavian design, we may immediately go to ideas of flat furniture with some assembly required. Simplicity and style at its most affordable. But the reality is that while the Scandinavian aesthetic does include an element of affordability, it is also about simplicity, functionality. In this duplex, designed by INT2 architecture for a family of four, the Scandinavian influence lives in harmony with trendy industrial elements. The home is beautiful and functional with no hint of cheap.

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The ground floor of this three story penthouse includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room which carefully melt into one another, as well as an entrance hall, guest bathroom, and laundry room tucked away underneath the stairs.

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The natural wood, from floor to ceiling, is intrinsic to the Scandinavian trend towards sustainability and design that breathes in its natural influences.

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Though the space certainly emphasizes the functional, it is not as sparse as some minimalist homes. Instead, there is room for those purely decorative elements, like colorful artwork and vibrant potted plants.

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The second floor houses three bedrooms for each member of the family as well as a shared bath. The rooms throughout the house work to highlight the actual construction of the house as much as the furnishings and design elements added to the interior. For instance, the upstairs nursery includes a stunning teal ceiling, which calls attention to the height of the room as well as the craftsmanship of the architecture with its exposed beams.

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The bathroom also uses the ceiling as a gorgeous accent, leaving the wood unpainted for a lovely natural effect.

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The third floor of the duplex is an attic, which poses its own design challenges. The pitch of the roof in an attic space runs the risk of feeling closed in, but the designers here have used color, light, and texture to create a cozy and welcoming sitting room.

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The attic also houses a home office, bar, entertainment area, shower, and storage closet. Rather than an afterthought, it becomes a meeting place for the whole family as well as the perfect entertainment room for guests of all ages.

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A cinderblock wall divider is one of those industrial elements that is breathtaking in its simplicity. The ultimate in minimalism with function and style without fuss or overt decoration. The cinderblock patterns of holes are allowed to speak for themselves.

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