Beach Adjacent Home with Space for Luxury Entertaining

Beach Adjacent Home with Space for Luxury Entertaining

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All the visions you may have of life in Southern California probably include sun-soaked beaches, sprawling mansions, and plenty of time poolside. While thats hardly the reality for the majority of SoCal residents, one step inside this Pacific Palisades home and you will know exactly where those kinds of California dreams come from. Situated near downtown Pacific Palisades, with views that go all the way from the Pacific Ocean to downtown Los Angeles, this 5 bedroom, 6 bath home from architect Nadav Rokach is a California dream come true.

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The creation of this space was truly a family affair. Nadav Rokach worked with his brother, developer David Rokach and David’s wife, interior designer Eliana Rokach, to create the home from the ground up. No expense was spared and it shows in the luxury of every room.

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Of particular interest are the multiple entertainment areas. After all, what is the use of a beautiful home in the Palisades if you cannot invite plenty of people over to share in the luxury of your home? The backyard features the obligatory infinity pool with white limestone fixtures and modern lounge chairs. It’s an ideal place to spend a lazy afternoon or to sip on an apres swim cocktail.

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The outdoors are an essential part of California life up and down the coast, meaning that any house like this must have easy access to the fresh sea air. Many of the tall glass doors from Fleetwood feature a bi-fold design that means that open up to the outside and make the house feel like one big outdoor space.

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The interior of the house is luxurious without being extravagant. It is the details in the fixtures and materials that bring the space into the height of luxury, not ornate or fussy details.

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There is no escaping the movie business in Los Angeles, either. That’s why the home has both a media room and a screening room, one of which is equipped with its own private bar.

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The roof deck is another decadent feature of this home. It includes a hot tub, BBQ grill, fire pit, and dining area along with its stunning 360 degree views. It’s nearly begging for a party each and every night, by the twinkle of the city lights.

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Of course, a hot tub may not be a day-to-day amenity, but a kitchen certainly is. The one in this home is sleek and open with plenty of space for cooking up anything from an avocado omelette to a fresh squeezed juice. The appliances in the kitchen come from Miele.

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A private wine cellar and home gym may be somewhat juxtaposed to one another, but that doesn’t stop them from co-existing peacefully, just like the decadence and healthfulness of the glorious Los Angeles basin itself.

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