Invisible Doors Turn a Home into an Artistic Feat of Design

Invisible Doors Turn a Home into an Artistic Feat of Design

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An open floor plan is currently one of the most desirable design features in a home. While this type of space can be elegant and modern, it doesnt really afford you a lot of privacy. In this house, from the designers at Russian studio Fedorova, doors that run run from the floor to the ceiling manage to blend into the walls and create the illusion of a wide open space, while still allowing the homeowners to close off rooms when necessary. Combined with beautiful natural materials and simple clean lines, this family home is a beautiful tribute to the art of interior design.

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The designers have said that their goal was to create a space that was interesting even in the absence of decoration. In order to accomplish this, the materials used had to be captivating in and of themselves. Throughout the house you will see a lot natural wood, including walnut, as well as cool gray stone.

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Furniture made of chrome and glass have a distinctly modern feel and allow the other natural surfaces to shine through while still creating essential spaces for eating and entertaining.

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The interior as a whole is relaxing and nurturing, which was certainly the intent for a house intended for a small, young family. It is neither overly crowded nor distractingly sparse and the neutral tones throughout are anything but busy.

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With a downstairs devoted to common living areas, the upstairs rooms are left for bedrooms. There is a spacious master bedroom with a beautiful en suite bathroom in white marble as well as rooms for a son and daughter, each with their own baths as well. The kids rooms are decidedly adult in their decor, but still manage to include a lot of personality and critical spaces for studying and relaxing.

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