4 Contemporary Home Visualizations with Sleek Sophistication

4 Contemporary Home Visualizations with Sleek Sophistication

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When it comes to luxury interior design, beautiful results often start with a careful visualization. The homes featured in this post come from Ando Studio Fine Art Renderings and give designers and homeowners a chance to look at the dynamic possibilities any home can have, from unique furnishings to creative lighting design and every other element that truly makes a house a work of art.

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The first house featured is a two-story duplex apartment. The visualization was created to generate interest in the home for sale by showing the potential of the space with simple yet stylish elements that could appeal to a wide variety of people. A neutral palette in black, white, gray, and bare wood creates calmness while also acting as a blank slate for the imagination of potential buyers.

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The next featured space is a 2014 penthouse duplex, successfully built by Gindi holdings with an interior from an Ando Studio team. The light from the upper level vantage point streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows while a dominating white creates an even more open feeling. Simple splashes of personality, like a houndstooth ottoman and purple solair chair give the otherwise sophisticated space just a breath of whimsy.

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Luxurious outdoor spaces are important in these apartments with multiple areas appropriate for dining, entertaining, and enjoying.

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  • Designer: Ando Studio
In this next luxury apartment, both visualization and interior design was done by Ando Studio for a private investor. It is easy to see the studio’s capabilities with a neutral palette here as well. There is not as much floor space available in this upper level home, but simple colors and furnishings let it continue to feel open. In the small bedroom, different textures, from smooth wood paneling to a soft carpet and cushy bedding are welcoming but not too busy because of the subdued tones.

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  • Architect: Bar-Orian Architects
  • Designer: Irma Orenstein
The final space is a residential building in Tel Aviv from Bar-Orian Architects. The interior design for this project was done by Irma Orenstein. This space goes even further with its love of white than the others in this post. Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and bedding are all a gleaming shade of it with light wood flooring providing the only relief. The resulting home is nothing if not luxurious, as an average homeowner could never afford to keep all of it clean.

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