A Warm Wood Home in Taiwan with a Beautiful Cozy Reading Nook

A Warm Wood Home in Taiwan with a Beautiful Cozy Reading Nook

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When a home is warm and welcoming, it becomes a place that is a joy to be. Evenings spent on the sofa or simply curled up with a good book are imbued with a new type of pleasure. There is nothing more important calling your name outside or online. Just the simple quiet of your own home. This space in Taiwan, a full renovation designed by Fertility Design for the couple who purchased the home, is the epitome of this beautiful simplicity. Inspired by Nordic design and realized with lots of warm, luscious wood and comfortable furnishings, this home is a homebodys dream come true.

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The main living area is quite open with minimal but carefully chosen furnishings. The accent wall where the television is mounted was created with European wood tile. The patchwork look gives the room the perfect amount of country chic charm without devolving into something kitschy.

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Sunlight streams into the house from its many windows, giving extra warmth to both the living area and the aforementioned reading nook. With shelves from floor to ceiling, a comfortable reading chair, floor reading lamp, and even a stereo, it is a dreamy place where anyone could easily while away an afternoon with a good book or daydreams.

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Wood paneling from the walls to the floors to the ceiling gives the home that Nordic woodsy feel that the owners craved. Minimal and simple wall decorations add just enough personality but never overwhelm the carefully cultivated simplicity.

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The kitchen in this open floor plan home is another peaceful gather place. The heavy wood countertops and carved bar chairs bring the wood theme into the kitchen and also serve to make a comfy breakfast bar for two.

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The bedrooms in the home are kept exceedingly simple in color and design. Light colored bedding, custom cabinetry and just a few decorations create a welcoming retreat for the end of every day.

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