Luxury Home Design: 3 Inspirational Projects

Luxury Home Design: 3 Inspirational Projects

Many of us will never have the chance to truly live in the lap of luxury. Indeed, even the services of the architects and designers featured on this blog are out of reach for the majority of people. But that is the beauty of being able to share such images. We can all see what luxury means to different people and get inspired to create our own luxurious - albeit more budget-friendly - spaces. The luxury homes featured in this post each have a unique take on luxury, but overall are charming and stylish spaces that are sure to ignite a design spark inside of you.

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  • Architect: NP Architects
The first home comes from NP architects. In addition to the overall spaciousness of the home, the dominating white color palette gives its own hint as to the luxury of the design. White feels clean and decadent all on its own. Deeply piled shag area rugs are another soft indulgence, making it clear that this is a no shoes kind of home. From the vaulted ceiling living room to the gourmet kitchen and its retro-inspired refrigerator, this bright and beautiful home is a friendly kind of luxury.

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  • Architect: Soesthetic Group
On a different part of the luxury spectrum is the second home that comes to us from Soesthetic Group. Eschewing whites for oatmeal, beige and dark wood paneling. Clean lines dominate the design in the form of a soft, low sectional sofa tautly upholstered dining chairs and a work desk on simple spindly legs. A few dark teal accents complete the look, bringing just a bit of soothing oceanic color in the living and bedroom. This home certainly proves that luxury is not only defined by square footage.

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  • Photographer: Przemysław Kuciński
The final space goes back to a largely white aesthetic, although this home seems to veer more towards trendy. From a southwest-inspired area rug and throw pillow to a precious and quirky bird-shaped candle holder, this home clearly wants to be both luxurious and youthful. A plethora of Eames-inspired chairs in various colors and constructions firmly locate this particular space in contemporary design with a hipster bent.

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