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As we have seen time and time again on this site, a lofted design is a great way to use all the vertical space in a home. Lofts are not only modern, but inherently interesting and leave many options open for a creative designer. In this post, were featuring three different loft designs that latch onto the idea of luxury and do not let go. From creative light fixtures to supple textures and sleek, modern furniture, these lofts are truly the height of luxury.

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  • Designer: Plasterlina
The first space comes from the design team at Plasterlina. The dark, cool color story is a bit of a departure from many modern spaces with similar styles, which often focus instead on whites and muted grays. Here, deep chocolate and olive colors pack an autumnal punch. Lighter colors are used on the upper level, which serves as a way to divide the main living area from the upstairs loft as well.

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The main living area features a full range of clean lines, from the overhead lighting and mid-century inspired dining chairs to the Pacman style fireplace. The tile work is also particularly interesting, with geometric tiles arranged in a pattern that looks nearly random but is clearly meticulous.

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Rather than have a bedroom overlook a downstairs living room, this particular design actually features a private wine cellar flipped on its head. The cellar is upstairs while the entertaining area is below. Of course, the casual pillows and tables provide a cozy place to sample a vintage right from the shelf to the wine decanter.

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  • Designer: Ivan Guillen
The second loft space, from design Ivan Guillen, is somewhat different from the first representation, reminding us much more of what a ‘typical’ loft style might be. Warm industrial elements pervade the space from steel and able railings to soft lighting fixtures that look suspiciously DIY.

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The surface materials throughout stand out as particularly stunning, from the hardwood flooring upstairs to the marble tile downstairs and of course the paneled accent wall that spans the space of both levels.

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  • Visualizer: Julian Sadokha
The final loft is a visualization from Julian Sadokha and goes even further towards the industrial luxury style. As we pointed out earlier, this is a loft that takes the white and gray style to heart, with white walls and ceilings making the vaulted ceilings feel even taller. Wide open spaces have an artistic bent and encourage creativity and camaraderie.

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