Sleek Interiors for a Range of Personalities

Sleek Interiors for a Range of Personalities

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The five homes in this post all come from designer Ewelina Chawawko, but each has its own occupants and therefore its own personality. Every space is entirely modern and ultimately gorgeous. With nods to minimalism and just a small hint of the mid-century styles that are so popular still, each home offers beautiful spaces for its occupants to enjoy fully. Basic needs are accounted for including seating, entertainment, and even storage, but all in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

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Even the most stylized spaces need to have space to relax. This modern home features a spacious living room that includes a massive, modern sectional. It’s an ideal area for entertaining, with a flat screen television that hangs amid a custom shelving unit as a piece of art. Any number of people could easily lounge, socialize, and enjoy this modern home.

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While the second space is certainly still modern, it includes classic elements as well. The design uses a mix of painted and natural wood for a beachy, clean aesthetic. An open floor plan allows for foot traffic, air and light to circulate but the design also includes doors that can close off the dining room for a more intimate experience. This ‘best of both worlds’ feature is unique in a modern space such as this one.

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The third home, which is for a family, has an amazing focal point in a stainless steel spiral staircase. The designer has build the home around this feature, giving it a distinctly futuristic and hip feel. Concrete walls, mossy green furniture, and mainly gray and white palette make this simple home just a little bit foreboding.

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This next space consists of a man’s apartment. It includes similar concrete elements to the previous home but on a different scale. Instead of steel, we see accents of glass and wood for a masculine finish that still feels welcoming.

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The final space is a turn towards something more traditionally modern. White walls and furniture open up the two store house while suspended stairs are clean and visually interesting. There is no concrete or harsh steel, instead accents include light natural wood and molded wire for a warm and sophisticated air.

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