LEGO Play Pond: The Ultimate LEGO Themed House

LEGO Play Pond: The Ultimate LEGO Themed House

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This incredible home could make anyone feel like a kid again. HAO Design Studio completed this apartment renovation dedicated to play, imagination, and of course… LEGO! At first glance it looks like any other modern family apartment – sleek materials and contemporary forms and wide open spaces – but the magic is in the details. LEGO patterns show up in the most surprising places and unassuming objects reveal fascinating multipurpose functionality. This kid-friendly apartment is anything but ordinary. Collectors and enthusiasts are sure to find a few inspiring project ideas in the photo tour below.

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  • Architect: HAO Design
  • Photographer: Hey!Cheese
The living room centers around the innovative LEGO Play Pond, a circular sofa partially submerged into the floor. Primary colors echo the original palette of the building blocks that longtime LEGO fans grew to love.

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In other homes, the television would serve as the primary source of entertainment… but any young kid would surely find the ball pit to be the main attraction in this fun-filled design.

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Even the shelves and writing desk are fabulously unique, boldly curved to coordinate with the aesthetic of the Play Pond. The surfboard-shaped desk folds up to reveal extra space for entertainment or playtime.

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Recessed pods provide another place for imaginative play. These niches also serve as extra storage for toys!

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Seriously, what adult hasn’t dreamed of ball pit for grownups? In this home, there are no age limits or height restrictions on genuine nostalgic fun.

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This view depicts the area to the immediate right of the front door. A wall made up of iconic green LEGO base plates allows for endless reconfiguration and self-expression. The picture frames idea would make an amazing DIY project – and the little shelves and key hooks are pretty ingenious too.

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Pool-inspired handrails make the home extra accessible to small children. The ladder in front of the green wall makes it easy for young ones to create new building block artwork for the home.

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Huge LEGO-inspired blocks support one half of the marble table. The juxtaposition of playful materials and luxury stone is impossible to ignore.

  • 11 |
A chalkboard wall in the kitchen reminds residents to snack it up with everybody’s favorite cookie connoisseur.

  • 12 |
The famous Van Gogh self-portrait is another one of those elements that flawlessly combines the best of both adult tastes and childlike wonder. Milano-based artist Marco Sodano created this piece as part of his series themed “all children are authentic artists with LEGO”.

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All the bright colors really pop against the neutral background.

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From this angle, it’s easier to see how the design team created visual separation between the living room and the dining area by switching from smooth white surfaces to textural concrete.

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The sideboard shelves don’t currently feature any decorations, but they’re prime real estate for completed LEGO projects.

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After a long day filled with play and excitement, a bedroom in lovely relaxing tones allow the mind and eyes a comfortable respite.

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A peek into the office reveals the only place in the home not decked out with bright colors and LEGO bricks – except for one large display figure for inspiration.

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Large LEGO heads are scattered throughout the house but they’re especially useful in the bedroom. The top lifts off to reveal a storage space perfect for jewelry, keys, and other frequently-accessed objects.

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Like in the living room, the bedroom also offers plenty of integrated storage and open shelving in bright primary colors.

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Molded dining chairs really fit the theme well. Each one features colors of actual LEGO bricks, although not part of the original palette of primaries.

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Toys everywhere! A dedicated collector could have a lot of fun with this theme.

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Ninjago Kai is a must-have for any LEGO collection, and this display figure definitely makes a nice addition to the overall theme. There are just too many things to love about this home and its carefully curated decorations.

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The nursery is absolutely adorable, decked out with plenty of whimsical oversized objects. The LEGO-inspired storage would be appropriate for any children’s bedroom even without the building block theme, especially considering the popularity of geometric motifs these days.

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Another great DIY project idea: drill four holes in any small stool to make it cute as a button. Wrap some thick string or ribbon through the holes in the shape of an X for an added decorative touch.

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Natural colors are always a great choice for a young child’s bedroom. These bright hues are sure to stimulate and delight, and will prove a sustainable choice for quite a few years to come. It’s hard to go wrong with this palette – it invokes images of bright sunshine, clear blue skies, and soft grass.

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Sliding cabinet doors allow parents to minimize light and distraction at bedtime.

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An adorable balloon pendant light provides soft lighting for nighttime checkups from the parents. It’s just too cute!

  • 34 |
Classic beach chair for the parents…

  • 35 |
… and a cute-as-can-be seat for the tot.

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Looking for this mid-century style fan? It’s called the Aire Cirque, available from the Minka Group. Imagine this fan within a De Stijl-inspired interior, providing the perfect offset to a squared aesthetic.

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Colorful ceiling fans display well when turned off yet provide a fascinating appeal at high speed.

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Fun-filled interior elements aside, the view is incredible on its own.

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Here’s a shot of one of the recessed storage pods in action.

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The recessed storage pods aren’t just for the kids! This wine cooler would become a major talking point at any party – thankfully, it has a convenient lock to prevent the young ones from exploring.

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Easy adjustability ensures the television mount can accommodate large movie-viewing parties and quiet family viewing alike.

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The large display minifigures are such a charming photography prop!

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This photo depicts how the LEGO blocks under the dining room table open as drawers. Hidden storage spaces are everywhere – perfect for a home so dependent on theme such as this one. Anyone can turn their drawers into building blocks with a few circular cutouts, a little glue, and some bright paint.

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The Hey!Cheese photography studio is based in Taipei, Taiwan. If you’re not familiar with their work, this studio is known for creative and interactive shots like those found throughout this home tour. They’re definitely one of the most intriguing interior photography companies out there.

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Were you allowed to play with LEGO at the table?

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Without a doubt, a home like this would leave a child with fond memories that last a lifetime.

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Playtime as a lifestyle – while many homeowners might not want a fully toy themed home, it’s still nice to imagine the possibilities. A child might outgrow such colorful motifs but the appreciation for building and creating rarely disappears entirely.

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The LEGO-inspired facade on the raised living room platform actually houses drawers for additional storage.

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